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Nuclear Medicine Technology

For more complete information about prerequisite courses, the application process, and other important admission information, refer to the HPPLC [PDF File] Nuclear Medicine Technology handout.

Admission GPA Statistics for SOM HPP, including Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Description of the Profession


Nuclear Medicine Technologists provide patient diagnostic and therapeutic services using the nuclear properties of radioactive materials. They perform patient organ imaging procedures and analysis of biological specimens. They also administer low doses of radioactive medications to patients.

Skills and Characteristics Important to this Profession

Potential Nuclear Medicine Techs should be interested in working with patients and learning about technology. They should be sensitive and caring as patients may exhibit signs of distress during procedures.Nuclear Med Techs are visually oriented and enjoy working with images.

Description of the Indiana University Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

The IU School of Medicine Department of Radiology (Indianapolis) offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology. The course of study requires the applicant to complete two years of prerequisite coursework equaling 60 credit hours at IU Bloomington (or another campus or college) and two years of professional and clinical work at the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis.


Other Accredited Programs

For lists of accredited nuclear medicine technology programs, see the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Additional Notes and Recommendations


Job Shadowing / Observation

On-site observation in a hospital nuclear medicine technology department is required for admission to the Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) B.S. program. A Pre-Interview Questionnaire must be completed and sent with the application to the program. The form is available on the Program Specific Requirements website of the IUSM Health Professions Programs.

Further Information

Refer to the HPPLC [PDF File] Nuclear Medicine Technology handout for more detailed information about prerequisite courses, application and admission information, and for additional resources.

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