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Internet Resources for Law School Applicants

Please note that these sites are listed for your information only, and do not represent an endorsement of any services offered or a confirmation of the accuracy of the information provided.

Admissions Statistics (based upon your GPA and LSAT scores)

Law School Application Resources

  • Application Guide for Students with Disabilities
    National Association of Law Students with Disabilities.   Lots of useful information for applicants as well as current law students.  Covers disability disclosure and other relevant issues in the application and admissions process.  Procedures, forms, and strategies for obtaining LSAT accommodations. 

  • The NAPLA-SAPLA Book of Law School Lists
    Comprehensive lists of specialty areas, clinical programs, study abroad programs (by country and by school), joint degree programs, schools with an evening division, schools that allow students to start in January, and much more information about law school programs and policies. If you'd like to browse through a hard copy of this book, visit the HPPLC Reading Room. We have several copies of this invaluable resource.

  • The ABA Employment Summary Report 
    New "transparent" employment figures for law schools--reflecting much more detail in the types of positions held, such as those employed where:  bar passage required; J.D. preferred; law school funded position; professional position; non-professional, etc., and whether the job is long-term, short-term, full-time, part-time, etc.
  • What Law School Rankings Don't Say About Costly Choices
    This 2008 article's cost/benefit analysis argues that it can make economic sense to attend a LOWER ranked law school, IF you will be looking for a job in a high-paying law firm:  In short, the authors of this study contend that rankings are especially important for those schools ranked 27 or higher.  Here's an excerpt:  "For example, between schools No. 25 (William & Mary) and No. 5 (Columbia), employment [in high-paying firms] rose from 21.9 percent to 54.5 percent, an increase of 32.6 percentage points...Conversely, between schools No. 45 (Brigham Young) and No. 25, the increase...was only 8.4 percentage points. And between No. 65 (Louisville) and No. 45, the increase in large-firm employment is a mere 4.3 percentage points. Below school No. 26 (Emory), a graduate has a less than one in five probability of starting his or her career at a large law firm...With these numbers, does it really make economic sense to go to the highest-ranked school one can get into? In many cases, the answer is no."    While this article was written before the economic downturn and should be viewed in that context, it contains important points to consider when choosing schools as the economy improves.

  • LexisNexis
    Free resource that provides legal news, commentary, blogs, video, podcasts and an extensive collection of treatises to attorneys, law and prelaw students, law professors and litigants.

  • Equal Justice Works Guide to Law Schools 

    Founded by law students in 1986, Equal Justice Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice. To achieve this, it offers a continuum of opportunities for law students and lawyers that provide the training and skills that enable them to provide effective representation to underserved communities and causes.  The Guide is designed to help you discover which schools are the best fit for you by providing side-by-side comparisons of financial aid and affordability factors, faculty engagement, student leadership, the range of clinical, externship and pro bono opportunities, and curricular and co-curricular offerings in specific issue areas.

  • Noodle Law School Search
    Another way to search for schools using your GPA and LSAT.  Get basic admissions and program information.

Prelaw Web Sites at other Universities

General Legal Sites

Law School Rankings

  • Indiana University School of Law
    Play the "Rankings Game!" Choose your own criteria and create your own ranking system!
  • Index to Law School Rankings
    Links to rankings by median salary, employment rate, tuition, and cost-benefit analysis (i.e., costs vs. median salaries upon graduation). Hosted by Internet Legal Resource Guide.
  • Judging the Law Schools
    by Thomas E. Brennan. Separate rankings and 1 composite -- based on several factors, hosted by Internet Legal Resource Guide.
  • US News
    The granddaddy of all rankings: the "gorilla in the closet".

Employment and Career

  • What do lawyers do? (courtesy of the Association for Legal Career Professionals - NALP)      
  •  Information on various legal specialty areas.

Underrepresented Applicants and Law Students

"The campaign—to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to discover career opportunities in law and choose a path in undergraduate school to help them succeed."

Paralegal Information