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Preparing for Your Appointment with Rachel Tolen


Advising appointments with HPPLC specialists focus on helping students prepare for admission to professional school. Please meet with your assigned academic advisor within your degree/major to discuss registration planning, degree requirements, and your graduation timeline.

Preparing for Your Appointment With Rachel Tolen

 Steps to take to prepare for your appointment:

1.  Please review my advising syllabus if you have not met with me before.

2.  Consult the appropriate sections on the HPPLC website at

3.  Make a list of questions you would like to ask or topics you would like to discuss.

4.  If there are materials such as a personal statement or application essays that you would like me to review, please print out a copy and bring it with you to the appointment.  Please do not bring materials on a laptop or flash drive.

5.  Bring a pen and paper with you and come prepared to take notes.

6.  Arrive on time to your appointment.

I look forward to meeting with you!


Rachel Tolen, Ph.D.

Assistant Director and Premedical Advisor


Health Professions and Prelaw Center

Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Indiana University

Maxwell Hall 010

750 East Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN  47405-7101