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New Student Orientation Guides for Incoming Prelaw and Prehealth Students 


This page is for incoming, new students who are preparing for New Student Orientation for the summer of 2017, and who are considering preparing for a career in health or law. 


Read through the material on this page for tips on what you'll need to know to be well prepared for New Student Orientation advising and for Registration for fall classes.  Select the links for your specific career area(s) of interest at the bottom of this page for more details.  Write down any questions you may have to discuss with your academic advisor during Orientation advising. 


The most common first question: which major should I choose if I’m interested in admission to a graduate-level preprofessional program in health or law?


You've probably already heard that health and law schools do not prefer one major above others--but is this really true?  The simple answer is "yes."  Major per se is a relatively marginal factor in admission decisions.  However, your GPA in whatever major is extremely important.  Therefore, you’ll want to consider majors you’d enjoy and in which you can excel (and these two factors are often related)—and consider ones that might serve as a basis for further study or employment in case you change your mind about professional study or you decide to work prior to enrolling in professional school.


If you already have a major in mind, great!  But did you know that over 50% of students who come in with a specific major wind up changing their minds?  Don't be surprised if this happens to you--and, it's absolutely fine.  There is no rush to choose a major.  You will work with your assigned University Division academic advisor throughout the fall semester and freshman year to either confirm your current preference or to find a major that's a great fit for you.


Once you arrive on campus in the fall, be sure to utilize the IUB Health Professions and Prelaw Center (HPPLC). HPPLC’s mission is to help IU Bloomington students become thoughtful, well-prepared, successful applicants to professional schools across the country. While admission to these programs can be extremely competitive, and to be successful you’ll need to plan carefully and be well-organized from the start, don’t worry—the HPPLC staff is here to help you at each step!


AP and other credit for college-level prehealth courses.  NOTE that some medical schools and health professions programs do not accept AP credit or credit-by-examination as counting toward admission requirements. In addition, to best prepare for admissions exams such as the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), it is often recommended that you consider taking a course at the college level for which you have already received AP or other credit.  Sometimes AP courses cover less and different material than what you'd encounter in college, and often they simply are not rigorous enough to best prepare you for the admission exam or professional study itself.  You should discuss this with your academic advisor during Orientation if you have questions.








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